Why Use an Agent

All of the benefits of using an agent are listed below.

It’s important to point out that using an agent is FREE. We are paid from the insurance company, NOT the consumer. When you have an agent, the insurance company has to pay us a small percentage of the monthly premium that you are already paying to the insurance company. So the money comes out of the insurance company’s pocket, not the consumer’s.

There are numerous benefits to using an agent:

1) VIP Treatment – NO LONG LINES! YOU CAN SKIP THE LONG WAITING TIMES AT THE EXCHANGES! Would you rather call a large government agency like the IRS or a small private insurance company with five employees? We are a small family business. It’s far easier to simply call one of our agents (we actually answer the telephone) rather than trying to contact a large insurance company, and having to navigate their complex web of customer service representatives. We can sign you up on the exchange, get you subsidy money, and help you find the right plan. And you will save countless hours in the process.

2) Your Own Personal Assistant! If you have a billing or claim issue (as health insurance policies often do!), if you have an agent, you can quickly and easily call the agent (that’s us!) to take care of everything for you! Otherwise you must take care of the issue by navigating the labyrinth of customer service representatives by yourself. The people working at the exchanges are instructed to simply refer you to the insurance company that sold you the policy, should you call them with a problem that you are having.

3) Motivation – Because insurance agents earn their livelihoods by retaining business, they always have a vested interest in providing good service and advice for each client,, as opposed to customer service reps who work within the complex labyrinth of large insurance companies, and get paid their hourly wage regardless of the outcome.

4) Special Contacts For Faster Problem Solving – It is also important to note that agents have special contacts at the insurance companies and can usually resolve problems quickly and easily at absolutely NO COST to the you! We have most likely encountered any given problem numerous times and therefore know exactly how to solve it, especially with all of the additional channels that are available to us – we have direct contacts within each department, to resolve problems quickly and easily.

5) Experience - When you call up the exchanges, you are going to reach a navigator – a newly created government position. Navigators have only recently come on the scene, and are new to the health insurance field. Contrast that with using an agent – someone who has been practicing in many cases for 10, 20, 30, or even 40 years! You and your family will receive much better advice from a much more experienced professional.

Our agency has been selling health insurance since 1970!!

How would you like to have your own personal assistant to help you with your health insurance? An agent is literally at your beckon call to help you decide on best coverage for you and your family, solve billing and claim issues, and help with any policy changes.

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